Check out these tips so you can do it in one take every time

  • 1

    Avoid background noise

    Try to go somewhere quiet when recording your responses. If that can’t be avoided, use headphones with a built-in microphone.

  • 2

    Sit (or stand) up straight.

    Good posture is good for the camera. Avoid recording when you’re slouching on a bed, in a chair or slumping over a table.

  • 3

    Evaluate the lighting.

    Natural light is always best, but if you are indoors, try to have a light both behind and in front of you to get even lightening.

  • 4

    Warm up your voice.

    It may feel silly, but warm up your face and mouth before recording your first video of the day.

And you can always re-record if you aren’t super happy with a video!


  • 1

    When you’re talking like a local… remember that it’s practice!

    If you’re using Pretzel to practice a language, there is no pressure to reply immediately or perfectly. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes here… that way, you can learn and correct things and wow people with your conversation ability IRL ;)

  • 2

    When you’re helping with a language… make small talk!

    When you’re helping others, keep it light, keep it easy, and keep each video short and sweet until you know how comfortable the person is with your native language. With Pretzel’s turn-by-turn video messaging, you’ll never get bombarded by lots of videos from the same language learner in a row.

  • 3

    And most importantly, have fun!

    When you use Pretzel, you will meet lots of cool people from all over the world! If a conversation is no longer working out, you can just let it expire when it’s your turn. No need to awkwardly find a polite way to say “au revoir” or “sayonara.”


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