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The Basics

Pretzel connects language learners to native speakers for 1-on-1 practice.
In exchange for the free help you get in Pretzel, simply pay-it-forward by giving help to other users who want to practice your native language.

Anyone can use Pretzel, but you can especially benefit if …

  • you are currently enrolled in language courses or using language-learning apps and software, but don’t have the confidence to actually speak the language.
  • you previously studied a foreign language, but don’t have enough opportunity to strengthen or maintain those skills.
  • you like meeting new people for networking, for friendship or just for fun. (If this describes you, make sure you browse in "helper only mode”)

Instead of paying for a tutor or travel agent for help, think of Pretzel like a café full of cool people from all over the world who are smiling and waving at you to join them at their table. Each conversation has the potential for advice, improvement, inspiration or even a lasting real world connection. Pretzel merely provides the venue – the rest is up to you!

Check out our advice for getting the most out of Pretzel.

Short answer: less stress and more fun. Long answer: The pressure of understanding and formulating responses is minimized with the Pretzel approach of turn-by-turn video message because you can re-watch received messages and re-record replies before sending. Plus, you don’t have to deal with schedule or time zone hassles when connecting with people from all over the world.

Core Functionality

First, connect to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Apple account (note: Pretzel will never publish anything without your permission). Next, answer a few quick questions and choose a profile photo.

Every user browses a stack of photos of people they can help and people who can help them. Simply drag a photo to the right if you want to talk to a person and to the left if you don't. If both parties want to connect, a chat is opened. We keep user profiles a mystery while browsing and reveal who is helping whom only if a connection is made.

To minimize confusion about who should initiate, the language or location expert’s pre-recorded greeting video is sent automatically to start each chat. After that, it's up to the pair to decide where the conversation goes. Check out our list of tips for ensuring good video quality.

It’s possible that the person unmatched you or deleted their account. However, the more likely reason is the app’s design. Pretzel aims to encourage active conversation, not collecting connections. That’s why the person getting help has 48 hours to reply to the expert’s greeting video before the connection disappears. And so that your feed doesn’t get cluttered, all videos sent in Pretzel disappear after three weeks. If any conversation is idle for more than three weeks, there will be no more videos in the feed and the entire connection will disappear. (If you enable push notifications you’ll get a reminder before a connection disappears.)


Because we’ve just launched! We’re adding new users, locations and languages every day. You can help us spread the word by sharing our download link.

You’re first to the party! Since we just launched, we encourage you to swipe right frequently to increase your chance of making new connections.

Don’t worry! While we don’t yet have an “un-do” option, you’ll probably see their face again sometime.

To review or edit your profile, tap your profile picture in the bottom right corner when the navigation bar is visible. Select the left tab to view your profile and languages and make any changes.

When browsing, if you see an offensive or inappropriate photo, tap the three lines at the bottom of the picture to report it and block the user. Once you’ve matched with someone, you can report & block the user or a video they sent you by tapping the three vertical dots at the top of the screen.

Other Stuff

No, Pretzel is not a dating app. The swiping mechanism is just a simple and fun way to ensure that both parties agree to chat.

Pretzels are a light, yet filling snack that we associate with meeting new people. That might be at a party, at a communal table in a beer garden, at a sporting event or even on an airplane.

We have spent so much time baking this app for you that we haven't had much time to think about baking pretzels. Submit your favorite here: [email protected].


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